Dehumidifier with smart clothes drying sensor & 4D blinds!

  • Dry clothes immediately, efficiently and above all economically!
  • Antibacterial Protection for a perfectly healthy & clean atmosphere
  • 4D Persian Movement for high quality & immediate results
  • Touch Panel for easy and accurate use
  • Large Water Container for continuous & trouble-free operation of the dehumidifier!
  • SMR-25L
  • Dehumidification ability 25 liters / 24 hours
  • Consumption (26.7 ℃ 60% SY) 247 W
  • Noise level 39 db (A)
  • Air supply 125/180/205 m³ / h
  • Water container 4.0 Liters
  • Dimensions
    526 × 287 × 454 mm
  • Net weight 15.8 kg
  • Refrigerant R290
  • Price 349
  • Space temperature from 5 to 35

Thanks to the special structure of the patent and the high efficiency heat exchanger of the unit, both the reduction of humidity levels in your space and the drying of clothes are very easy and efficient, ensuring energy savings and low power consumption from the operation of the dehumidifier.

Enjoy the safe operation of the dehumidifier thanks to the special equipment for overflow protection. When the water tank is full, the dehumidifier turns off automatically and the Full indicator lights up to let you know that you need to empty the water tank, preventing any leakage.

Take care of the constant emptying of the water tank thanks to the possibility of continuous drainage. Place the tube on the back of the device and connect it to the siphon. The air water collected during the dehumidifier operation will be directed directly to the sewer.

Silently enjoy the healthy atmosphere of a place during the night or at times that require absolute silence and ensure the ideal conditions you desire, without the slightest inconvenience.

Easily move the dehumidifier wherever and whenever you want. The built-in wheels of the device allow you to transport it where it is needed for more efficient results.

Operation lock so that children do not have the ability to operate the device or change its settings when they are not under your supervision.

Schedule the exact time of use with the 8-hour timer and avoid unnecessary operation of the device.

Ensure the best performance of your dehumidifier throughout its operation, through smart defrosting. In the event of ice formation, the compressor will stop automatically and the fan will continue to operate until it disappears completely.

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